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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

Did anyone notice I was missing? I have been out of touch for a little over a week. I was on vacation or I guess it's called a staycation now a days. I was off work but didn't go anywhere. I wanted to get a bunch of computer stuff done, like work on my blog by changing it up a little bit. Well that didn't happen. We were having more computer problems so I didn't get on the computer. One of our biggest problems is our Internet service. Our usage is limited. We (I really mean the kids) had used all our time up and we still had a week to go. They charge us big buck if we use the Internet past our time and we just can't afford that. So no computer for a week for us. Our time for each month starts up again today. That is where I was and now I'm back and I'm so happy to be in touch again.

I hope everyone had a wonderful NYE. We ended up going to dinner and a movie with family. After that we headed over to the bowling alley where our youngest son was with friends. We made it there just minutes after the New Year started. We had a wonderful evening. I'm wishing that 2010 ends up much better then 2009. I have to say that 2009 was bad enough that I'm very happy it's over. I'm just looking ahead for better things.


jenn said...

A lot of people, myself included, are glad to see 2009 go. Let's all just hope that 2010 is a much better year!

ciara said...

sometimes staycations and just taking a break from technology can be a good thing. ok, i'm still thinking about the taking a break from technology part. i'm too addicted lol

Ann said...

I definitely noticed you were missing. Glad to see you're back. I'm also glad that 2009 is over and hoping for better things this year

Becki said...

Happy New Year!! Welcome back :)

siteseer said...

Happy New Year to you too. I was gone for a while too. :(. For me 2009 was just a year other than the wonderful blessing of my second granddaughter.