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Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't go grocery shopping, shop at

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I'm really sick and tired of going to the grocery store. The weather has been really cold and snowy with the road being very icy. It really doesn't make for a fun trip to the grocery store or taking the grocery's to the car or house. I'm dreading it just talking about it. I found out there is a web site you can go to called is a online grocery store. They can take care of all your non-perishable items. They even have many items you need from the drug store. Here is the best part you sit at home and order the items you need then they ship them to you. I know you are thinking WOW that sure sound great will it only gets better. They have FREE shipping. A double WOW WOW for that now lets add great prices and I'm sure you can't wait now to go check it out.

I'm sure you are thinking there must be a membership fee or something. NO there isn't. It is FREE also to join and very easy. What I did was take some items on my list and go shopping at to see what their price were compared to what I spend now. Guess what I think I saved money and I wouldn't have to spend money on gas to get there and back home. automatic applys coupons they have on thousands of products. This would really save me time. I spend about a hour cutting my coupons and putting them together with my list. also has a refer a friend program(located under the "My Account" section on This is an affiliate program where users can give their readers $10 off once $50 is spent on the site, then they get 3% back of the purchases for a year. Sounds like a great program to me.

Go check out for yourself.

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Michelle said...

Wow, I'm going to check this out. I hate grocery shopping. I dread going out in the cold lugging those bags back home. Thanks for the info.

Chris said...

Wow, sounds nice! I hate shopping too, if I could do everything online i would!