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Sunday, December 13, 2009

What Kind of Christmas Tree do you put up?

What does your Christmas tree look like?
Do you have a huge tree like this?

A candy Christmas tree.

A tropical Christmas tree.

This is our Christmas tree. This year we have all Santa ornaments on it.


Ann said...

That tropical tree is kind of cool looking (not that I would want one) Your tree looks great.
I always had real trees until I split with my first husband. Then to make things easier on myself I went artificial. My brother bought me a pre lit tree that year as my Christmas gift.

2cats said...

We have a very small living room so we go very small. This year I think the tree is only 2 feet tall. I was going to use it as the extra tree I always put up but it looked so cute in the living room that I left it there.
My new camera should be here tomorrow, with any luck pictures will be posted later this week.

Becki said...

Very nice!

siteseer said...

Like the topper on your Santa tree