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Monday, December 7, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Wish List-Day 7

The next perfume on my wish list is Happy by Clinique. I do think this perfume makes me feel a little bit more happy. This best part about buying perfume this time of year is they have wonderful gift sets.

Day 1: Camera Strap
Day 2: Lens Cap Keeper
Day 3: Kelly Clarkston CD
Day 4: Slippers
Day 5: Socks
Day 6: Boucheron Perfume
Day 7: Happy Perfume


siteseer said...

always need more perfume around this time of year.

Michelle said...

I use to love Happy. Actually I became a little obsessed with the stuff. LOL! It's a wonderful spelling perfume. I hope you get it from Santa this year. Thanks for the well wishes regarding my mom. You're a sweetie!

2cats said...

Happy is one of my favorites. I also like Cook Water.
My husband thinks I should wear Shalimar, but it reminds me of powdery old ladies and I am not ready for that.