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Sunday, December 6, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Wish List-Day 6

This morning I reached for my perfume to put on and found out I'm almost out of all 3 of my favorites. Can you now guest what the next couple of things are going to be on my wish list. First is Boucheron. I have been wearing this for years and still just love it.

Day 1: Camera Strap
Day 2: Lens Cap Keeper
Day 3: Kelly Clarkston CD
Day 4: Slippers
Day 5: Socks
Day 6: Boucheron Perfume


Midday Escapades said...

Great wish list. Visiting from Entrecard. Happy Sunday!

2cats said...

I have never heard of this perfume but I will check it out next time I get to a perfume counter.
Not too long ago my son informed me that my new perfume was the same as his GF's. I decided I would find something different. Too bad to becasue I really liked it but rather that than him thinking of me when ever he was with her.