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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peppermint Swirl Ornament

What You'll Need
Felt: white and red
Fabric glue
Polyester fiberfill
9-inch length of lime-green rickrack
1-1/2-inch-wide picot-edged lime-green satin ribbon
Black curtain clip

How to Make the Peppermint Shape

* Download the circle and swirl patterns by clicking on the link below.
* Trace both the circle and swirl-circle onto tracing paper and cut out.
* Draw two circles on white felt and two swirl-circles on red felt, and cut out the shapes.
* Using fabric glue, adhere a red swirl to each white circle, let dry.
* Machine-sew the swirl-circles felt onto the white circles.
* Place the assembled circles with wrong sides together.
* Sew the together, stuffing the shape with fiberfill before sewing the circles closed.

How to Top It Off

* To make a knotless bow, first fold the rickrack in half and sew it securely to the edge of the circle.
* Fold the green ribbon back and forth, forming two same-size loops and two tails.
* Gather the ribbon in the center and tie it with the rickrack to secure the ornament.
* Clip the hook over the center of the bow for a hanging loop.

Click here for pattern.

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Tammy said...

If you don't mind I'm going to link to this post and the one for the luminarias and the gift tags in my Thrifty Thursdays post.