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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Trick or Treater's

I have 4 boys but 3 of them are getting older and Halloween isn't sure a big deal to them. This year I only had my Youngest and Oldest dress up. My oldest had to dress up for work and was a 50's greaser (I thought he looked like Edd Monster). My youngest was just a cowboy. He wanted something he could be warm in and still move around and run in. A cowboy worked.


Vixen said...

Cute. My kids are actually getting MORE into dressing up now that they are older. Strange, huh?

Michelle said...

Great costumes. They look great. Bet they had fun.

siteseer said...

#1 looks perfect! Love the costume. #4 looks like that every day lol except for the hat lol. Too cute.