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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Asian Cooking by Sun-Bird

This is a sponsored post written by me and everything written is 100% my opinion.

I love Asian food so does My Hubby and Little guy. I have tried more then once to make a good authentic Asian dinner and it just didn't taste the same. My Little Guy could eat egg drop soup everyday and be a very happy kid.

I have heard that there is a very good authentic Asian seasoning mixes by Sun-Bird that can make all the difference.

Lets say you have a taste for Chinese Stir Fry, Sizzling Kung Pao Chicken, no problems. You don't need a lot of time or fancy tools. You just need Sun-Bird authentic Asian Seasoning Mixes. Sound pretty easy to me. I think I could do this.

I guess just one taste and you will be hooked. That is why Sun-Bird is America's #1 Asian Seasoning.

Asian chefs choose Sun-Bird. Imaging what you can do with the Asian sauce mixes. Soup mixes and classic 3-step meal kits.

Stir fry fresh sirloin with Sun-Bird Mongolian Beef seasoning mix for a robust and flavorful dinner.

Try Sun-Bird General Tso's seasoning mix to spice up weekday chicken.

Stir up a pot rich and delicious of Sun-Bird Egg Drop Soup a big favorite in our house.

Okay I'm sold where can I get this wonderful seasoning mix and sauces. Well it can't get much easier then at your local grocery store.


siteseer said...

look forward to hearing how you like it.

Ann said...

I haven't had many asian dishes but I do love stir fry. I think I'm hungry for it after reading your I read something not too long ago about Sun-bird, can't remember where though.