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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Party in Las Vegas!

I know there are a lot of you out there that love to party. I use to but now I'm old and love taking my naps. But as they say "back in the day" I did do my share of partying. We even went to Las Vegas and did a little partying out there. What a fun town with so much to do. Well I guess the hot spot now is at the Hard Rock Hotel. You don't even have to go there to enjoy this party.

This party is on TV! REHAB Season premiere is on September 1st at 10p/9c. All new episodes are on every Tuesday at 10p/9c. This season go behind the scenes of Rehab, in Las Vegas for the hottest party in the world. Get an inside look at how security and staff indulge big-spending customers and at the same time keep the chaos under control. The scene at the pool is hotter then ever with celebrity performances, more partiers with Rehab staffers trying to learn the ropes. Then there is the competition from neighboring hotel pool parties and the pressure to keep sales up during this troubled economy has everyone trying to keep Rehab the biggest and best party on the Vegas Strip.

I have to say I think I may just be tuning in just to see what this is all about. I think it could be fun to be watching a party that is going on someplace else. The party takes place on REHAB at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Its called the country's hottest party. REHAB isn't Reality television it REAL LIFE television. Make sure and check it out at:

REHAB Season premiere:
truTV's Rehab
September 1st at 10p/9c
All new episodes:
Tuesdays at 10p/9c

Join the sweepstakes to win a chance to party like a rock star at Rehab at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool. They can enter by visiting:


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