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Sunday, September 27, 2009

How about a healthy Halloween

It's hard to believe that summer is over. Fall is here the air has changed and the leafs are turning beautiful colors. This all reminds me that Halloween will soon be here. I love Halloween with all the fun decorations and parties. Of course my lil' monsters love Halloween too but for a much different reason. They love the treats. I know they really want to get there lil' claws on as much candy and sweet stuff as they can. I would prefer that they received treat that are healthy. I'm sure I can find may treats that they will just love that are also very good for them.

I went looking on the Internet for some yummy healthy treats for Halloween and everyday. My search brought me to a very fun site called Trick Or Treat Me. I liked it right from the beginning. You can pick a pumpkin, witch, monster or many more and upload a picture of you lil' monster on to them. I did it and it was fun.

There are many article's on healthy food. There are even video's. I watched one by Robin Miller from the Food Network. She is also a writer, nutritionist and author. She really had some wonder quick idea's.

I also want to tell you that a donation is made to the World Wildlife Fund for each click on Twitter, where you can opt to “trick” or “treat” their friends, depending on what they deserve. I didn't get a chance to do this but it sure sounds like fun. I have a few friends that I think deserve a treat. You can find this fun game at Trick Or Treat Me on Twitter

Go Visit Trick Or Treat Me like I did and get some great healthy idea's for Halloween.


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siteseer said...

I heard that they (the media) are expecting a lot smaller trick or treat this year. Guess that is a prelude to the Christmas season too. When is it going to turn around?