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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Movie Review - Australia

Rated: PG13
Made In: 2008
Run Time: 165 Minutes
Starring: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman

Set against the scenic backdrop of pre-World War II Australia, Baz Luhrmann's romantic period adventure stars Nicole Kidman as an English aristocrat who inherits a sprawling ranch, and a href="">Hugh Jackman as the rough-and-tumble cattle driver who helps protect her property from greedy English cattle barons. As the pair attempt to herd 2,000 head of cattle hundreds of miles across the treacherous Australian outback, they are stunned to bear witness to the bombing of Darwin by Japanese forces -- who just a few months prior launched a devastating attack on Pearl Harbor.

Let me start off with I'm not a big fan of Nicole Kidman. I had been putting off watching this movie because she was in it. I ended up not hating her in this one and thinking she did a pretty good job. Then there is Hugh Jackman who I have loved as Wolverine in the X-men movies. I think he made a great cowboy and I think he is a real hotty. I liked this movie it had a good story and the scenery was beautiful. I'm going to give this movie 4 stars out of 5.


jenn said...

I hate Nicole Kidman, and wasn't going to watch this because of her. Maybe I'll give it a chance...I trust your opinion!

Grampy said...

Very good review. You made me want to watch it. Now I have to convince my wife.
Thanks for visiting Grampys place.

Tammy said...

My sister bought this movie and lent it to me, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet.

Michelle said...

I've been waiting to see this one. Glad you gave it a good review.

Chris said...

i havent watched this movie yet. i heard from a friend that this is a good one though.. so you are the 2nd person... maybe ill watch this movie soon!

Shu Fen said...

hey ho! first time dropping by ^^

keep up the good work! :D