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Friday, December 12, 2008

Carmel Apple Salad

This salad is not much to look at but it is very very yummy and easy.

6 Green Apple (I use Granny Smiths)
6 Snickers Candy Bars
8 oz Sour Cream
12 oz Cool Whip

If you wish for a little color add a cherry on top.

Peel and cut the apples into small pieces. Cut the candy bars also into small pieces. Then just mix everything together and serve.

How easy is that!!! This is great for any get together winter or summer.


3boys247 said...

Looks yummy. That's my kind of "salad"

siteseer said...

I absolutely loved this, so did the hubby. It's a new favorite for me. Thanks

B Boys Mom said...

Siteseer the best part is that it's super easy!!!!!

Michelle said...

Yummy. My type of salad. Think I've had once or twice.

Harmony said...

This is so yummy!!